Parquet floors

The main advantage of parquet floors is its warm effect. There are many types of wood to choose from. On top of that, parquet floors last a long time. Parquet can bring warmth and life into your house. The pleasant feeling you experience when walking on parquet floors with your bare feet is a nice plus. According to many people, this feeling cannot be matched by any other floor.

Another advantage of parquet is the fact that it is a perfect way of isolating your floor. Parquet floors do not only have a warm look, they also feel warm. You need to be cautious, however, when combining parquet floors with underfloor heating. Parquet floors will give your house a surplus value. Wood becomes increasingly scarce and expensive.

Therefore, wooden floors are an added value, especially because parquet floors get more character as you use them frequently.


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Gyproc plasterboard

We install false ceilings, double walls, and partition walls, and we can also finish your attic space. Large-scale and small-scale projects, newly built houses and renovation projects, all of them will be finished with the greatest care. We always consider the wishes of the client, taking into account their requests concerning fire safety, soundproofing, thermal isolation and design.

We provide the required systems for every installation, every location, and every style, based on your needs and wishes.

We usually start by tearing down an old construction, followed by installing a metal or wooden frame. On this frame we will attach the plasterboards. Finally, these will be finished with a filler and a polish.


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