Insulating your cavity walls is an investment that will make you house more energy-efficient, comfortable and safe. This will not only result in a lower energy bill, but will also be beneficial for your health and for the environment.

What are the advantages of insulating your cavity walls? 

  • Even when you keep the temperature on your thermostat the same, your outer walls will stay warmer. This enhances the general comfort of your house.
  • The insulation keeps the cold outside in winter and the heat outside in summer
  • Your house will increase in value because of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • The installation is done by Decoratiedenon in accordance with the official norms and is inspected afterwards.
  • The holes are being filled in the same colour as the wall. You will not see a trace of the insulation after the works are finished.
  • The contractor does not need to come inside, so your house will stay clean.

Decoratiedenon uses EPS pearls for the isolation of your walls


There are many approved products, (PUR, mineral wool and EPS…) but only one of them will achieve the best value for money.

PUR is the most expensive option, but its insulation value is not optimal (especially not when you insulate your cavity walls at a later stage, 0,038 W/mK) On top of that, there are a few more disadvantages when using PUR. Glass wool can be damaging for your health and the result is less efficient than that of EPS pearls. (0,034 W/mK)

EPS pearls have the highest insulation value of the bunch (0,0337W/mK) and the cavity will keep its breathing and draining function. Because of the constant innovation of HR++ Termoparels® we have managed to reach the highest insulation value after insulating existing cavity walls. Therefore, optimal insulation values are attained even in small cavities. Using these pearls in your cavity walls will result in the best possible insulation of your house and will save you a lot of money.

HR++Termoparels® will not collapse, they are water-resistant and have the highest insulation value. Even in the smallest of cavities, you can reach excellent insulation values.

Questions about HR++Termoparels®?


Contribute to a sustainable future with our BioFoam® insulation pearls. These pearls are made out of 100% biodegradable materials, they have a high insulation value and are non-allergenic. On top of that, no harmful substances are released during and after the insulation process and the installation is fire-resistant. That is why BioFoam® insulation pearls are perfect for both newly built houses and for already existing buildings.

Questions about HR++Termoparels®?

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The pearls are also environmentally friendly and they have a moisture-resistant function. Therefore there is no risk whatsoever of moisture issues.

Reasons why you should choose for Decoratiedenon?

  1. Free inspection prior to the works ( by a registered inspector)
  2. Determination of the works
  3. Agreement reached based on a tender (BCCA)
  4. Works are being executed by the owner of the business himself and the regular drilling procedure is applied.
  5. The holes are drilled closer to each other than usually (4×12) and finished to perfection, without visible damage.
  6. Follow up of the works
  7. Optional paintwork
  8. If you introduce a new client because you are satisfied with our work, we will give you a nice present!

Houses built before 1920 rarely have cavities in their walls. The only way to insulate the outer walls of these houses is by using different insulation techniques, If you are not sure whether your house has cavities, just call us or email us and we will look into it. We are happy to pay you a visit to find out what the best solution for your house would be.

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Are you interested in our solutions for cavity wall insulation?

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